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Community Voter Outreach Committee: About CVOC
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Community Voter Outreach Committee: About CVOC

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Who is the Community Voter Outreach Committee (CVOC)?

The Community Voter Outreach Committee (CVOC) is a partnership between the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk and Citizen Community and Advocacy organizations. Through the committee, citizens play an active and collaborative role in working with County Election officials to ensure that elections are fair, accessible and transparent for all voters. Since its inception in 1998 the committee has been a model of citizen participation in government.

What is CVOC’s Mission?

The mission of the committee is to facilitate communication and collaboration between the community and the Registrar of Voters about ways to educate, engage and provide quality service to and ensure accessibility for all voters.

What do we do?

The CVOC works in partnership with various sectors of the community on providing better services to voters with specific needs, voters with language assistance needs, and in helping to disseminate information about important election issues, such as, provisional ballots, translated election materials, voting systems.

Partnership Highlights:

  • 1-800 Hotline - utilize organization's hotline and work with RR/CC in assisting voters with questions regarding sample ballot booklets, vote locations and requesting multilingual language materials
  • Current and upcoming issues - invite RR/CC staff to present new issues that will affect voters as a whole
  • Pollworker recruitment - recruit pollworkers in traditionally hard to recruit areas
  • Pollworker training - locate facilities and volunteers
  • Voter education - staff booths at local events and activities to educate voters regarding election procedures and the new voting methods, which include InkaVote Plus Voting and Audio Ballot Booth
  • Voter registration - promote and register citizens
  • Voting System – obtain feedback from community groups for the selection of new voting system.

Currently, 120 organizations and 200 representatives regularly attend CVOC quarterly meeting. Meetings are open to the public and all interested organizations. If you or your organization/group would like to attend or receive more information please contact:

Julia Keh, CVOC Coordinator at (562) 462-2754 or via email at jkeh@rrcc.lacounty.gov

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