Project Overview

The project follows a multi-phase plan for the modernization of the County's Voting Systems. The following section outlines the specific phases of the project.

Phase I: Public Opinion Research

A variety of data was gathered from multiple participants and constituents, including elections staff, voters, advocates, as well as key community organizations representing traditionally underserved voter groups. Data was collected through a countywide voter survey, voter focus groups, a pollworker survey, focus groups with local election officials, and internal focus groups. The goal was to gather information on the current and future needs of voters through quality research.

Phase II: Process Assessment and VSAP Advisory Committee

The direction of the project was assessed to launch the most effective and efficient process through which a new voting system will be acquired, developed, and implemented. These assessments — which also included forming a formal stakeholder input body known as the VSAP Advisory Committee — helped define the best process for implementing a more accessible, accurate, and secure voting system.

Phase III: System Design and Technical Advisory Committee

The vision of the new voting experience was established to design a voting system model to be tested and engineered.

The process included:

  • Conducting a large Open Design Search which engaged experts, designers, and the general public to design an innovative voting system.
  • Engaging IDEO, an award-winning global design and innovation firm.
  • Establishing a Technical Advisory Committee.

Phase IV: System Engineering and Manufacturing Contract

Develop technical specifications, build a high-fidelity prototype, and test the system. The solicitation, evaluation and selection of contractors to manufacture the product will also be conducted during this phase. Thus, at the end of this phase, a system will be ready for mass production and partners will be identified for manufacturing the system.

Phase V: Manufacturing and Certification

The voting system will go through state testing and certification. Once certified, the system will be mass produced for training, outreach, and elections.

Quarterly Status Reports

Reports are provided to inform the public and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on the progress, activities, and milestones of the VSAP.