Advisory Committees & Project Team

VSAP Advisory Committee

Mission & Goals

The Voting Systems Assessment Project (VSAP) was launched by the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk to determine the needs of voters through modernizing the county’s voting system. The VSAP uses a new participatory approach that focuses on system development and implementation with voters in mind and the public’s trust as a core value.


In the beginning stages of the assessment project, citizen input was gathered through discussions with individual voters, the academic community, public interest organizations and policy makers. The input was used to a collaborative process between the department and the Advisory Committee that produced a set of guiding principles for the project. The principles balanced voter needs with operational wants.

Check back periodically to stay informed on the progress of VSAP's groundbreaking efforts, as well as opportunities to contribute to this innovative effort to modernize the way voters are heard in Los Angeles County.


Meeting Dates

VSAP Technical Advisory Committee

Mission & Goals


The committee gathers subject matter experts to help advise on how to protect security, transparency, and accessibility of the voting system. The committee functions as an advisory body suggesting guidelines and requirements in the development and acquisition of a new voting system. The committee may vote, adopt resolutions, make motions, or make recommendations to the RR/CC for consideration.



To provide independent technical expertise and consultation on the voting system modernization process to ensure integrity and transparency.


To provide input in establishing technical requirements for a voting system by reviewing design concepts and research. The committee will also provide input on the structure and technical background of the development, acquisition and implementation of voting system models. Lastly, the committee will work closely with partners or vendors to develop and implement the voting system.


Meeting Dates

July 30, 2013
March 28, 2013

VSAP Internal Project Team



The VSAP Internal Project Team serves as internal advisors to ensure that all aspects of the VSAP voting experience are conducted in a fair, accessible and transparent manner. The internal experts are from the following bureaus of the department:

  • Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Election Operations
  • Governmental & Legislative Affairs

Internal Project Team Members

Dean Logan

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Debbie Martin

Chief Deputy

Tim McNamara

Assistant Registrar-Recorder of Election Operations

Kenneth Bennett

Manager of GIS, Ballot Management and Election Tally

Rita Figueroa

Assistant Registrar-Recorder of Administration

Monica Flores

VSAP Project Coordinator

Jeramy Gray

Assistant Registrar-Recorder County Clerk Information Technology Bureau

Daniella DeLea

VSAP Project Assistant

Adrian Avelar

Project Research

Kenny Ling

Administrative Intern